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An apartment building over 40’ high and over 370’ long with 71 apartments is not consistent with either Official Plans or the character of the Old Town.

If we allow the apartment building form to be inserted into the middle of a low density neighbourhood in the centre of town it will indeed alter the human scale and attractive visual complexity of the streetscape forever. It will not be the last one. Growth is inevitable and desirable, but destruction of community character is not.


To view the developer's application for the Parliament Oak site, architectural drawings, planning justification report and notice of public meetings, please go to the Town's Public Notices Page and scroll to 325 King Street.

Objections by POST to the Town Council

This proposed development should not be permitted in this location of the Old Town.  Growth is inevitable and desirable, but destruction of our community is not.

When the developer purchased the property, he knew that the provisions of the Official Plan allowed for a rezoning application to low density residential rezoning if an institutional use ended:

The density of this development is over 500% greater than the surrounding neighbourhood!


Note the "Three Storey" building as seen from the rear

The developer, Liberty Sites (3) Ltd's "vision" for the Old Town

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