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Municipal Heritage Committee minutes pertaining to 325 King Street. The paragraph at issue is highlighted below:













Tuesday January 18, 2022

06:30 PM



Councillors; Clare Cameron, Al Bisback Members; Drew Chapman (Chair), Rita

Trudeau (Vice-Chair), Philip Hoad, Amanda Demers, Ron Dale, David Parker



Ken Douglas



Marcus R. Létourneau - LHC Heritage Planning and Archaeology

Diego Maenza - LHC Heritage Planning and Archaeology

Tara Druzina - Administrative Assistant – CDS






8.3 325 King Street - Review of Revised Submission


Marcus R. Létourneau spoke to the revised application and the submitted presentation

to the Committee.


Paul DeMelo, agent for the applicant, spoke to the submission and spoke directly to the

changes between the submissions.


General discussion ensued, specifically regarding the requirement for the facade to

remain in situ (a Council ratified motion from the Municipal Heritage Committee

meeting, May, 2019). The agent interpreted the motion as being an opportunity to leave

the facade in situ which according to the agent is the best way to ensure preservation.

Committee members had questions regarding zoning and the agent was able to answer



Moved by Amanda Demers that the following apply to the revised submission;


- the Committee reaffirms the May, 2019 commitment to facade preservation,

- the Committee is in favour of the heritage walk proposed,

- the proponent consider the use of historic, architectural details for a design

sympathetic to the existing historic fabric of the surrounding area and the town in


- in light of the committee's concern about the height of the building being

significantly higher than any neighbouring residential buildings including the

commercial buildings located in the nearby downtown area, that the proponent

consider ways to achieve a reduced building height such as a reduction to two


- the Committee requests that the May, 2019 request for a design charrette be

undertaken and that Committee members David Parker, Philip Hoad, Amanda

Demers, Drew Chapmanand Gordon Stratford (Vice Chair of the Urban Design

Committee) and members of the LHC Heritage Planning and Archaeology team

become part of a design charrette withthe applicant/agent, with the Committee

committing to supplying the applicant/agent with input for consideration before the

end of January 2022.



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